Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A guest writes...

Ok, so he put it on Facespace, but today it's all I have to say. "My taxi driver from Dewsbury yesterday; "These are not muslims, they are crazy people, Allah does not want this. My mosque they say all the time not to support them, teach your children muslim means peace, love this country. Please not to think these people are typical muslim, we are kind and peaceful but newspaper only talk about bad men and want people think all muslim are like this, it make me and my family very sad sometimes cry. I not hate you, not hate christian, not hate anybody, Allah is love. Happy to make life here and say thank you to British and be proud. I don't know what else to do, if I knew I would do anything make people understand. Newspaper is wrong say all muslim terrorist. Thank you for listening me. You are good man. Peace to you and your family." If we add up all the evil doers in the world it would only be a tiny fraction of a percentage, less than a drop in the ocean of humanity. Don't let the insanity of a minuscule number of maniacs blind you to the fact that most people, most of the time are good and kind." Nicely put, Mr Dewsbury, and Mr Psilick

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